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BMM Plans to be a Glimmer of Hope During These Tough Times: COVID-19 Response

UPDATE: Executive Order 20-20 Identifies BMM As An Essential Business

Governor Tim Walz issued Executive Order 20-20 Wednesday afternoon which orders Minnesotans to “stay at home or in their place of residence.” This order will be in effect starting Friday, March 27, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. through Sunday, May 3, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. BMM is a company that has been identified as an essential business within Executive Order 20-20. You will find this on page 3, paragraph 5, subparagraph D. It states that supplies and services needed to maintain the “operation of homes, residences, and businesses” will be exempted from Executive Order 20-20.

Between emails and news articles, there is a plethora of information surrounding this pandemic and the common theme seems to be “fear.” We would like to take this time to be the exception to that rule by informing you how BMM plans to be a beacon of hope during these unprecedented times. Below you will read about BMM’s plan to help you protect your assets; procedures that will better protect your tenants, staff, and our technicians; how BMM can help with your action plan; and how BMM can help when the dust settles.

Protecting Your Assets With BMM

As a property owner or manager, you still have an obligation to maintain the well-being and safety of your facilities. However, how can you do that on top of the day-to-day management, answering thousands of questions from both tenants and employees, and taking care of yourself? That being said, BMM has taken the initiative to get their technicians identified as “essential” workers during these unprecedented times. So, whether it is routine building check-ups (i.e. trash pick-up, boiler checks, other equipment checks, chiller start-ups, etc.), or 24/7 standby emergency coverage your facility maintenance can continue to be covered in BMM’s hands. Even in a “shelter in place” directive, BMM will continue to be available to cover your maintenance needs, in a safe and controlled manner, by carefully following the procedures listed below.   

BMM’s Procedures To Keep Everyone Safe

BMM has seriously and diligently planned the procedures below to keep everyone safe. BMM’s number one concern is to keep your tenants, staff, and our technicians healthy and limit exposure to Covid-19. BMM plans to ensure safety of all individuals by following directives from the CDC (i.e. wash hands, social distancing, covering coughs and sneezes, staying home when sick, etc.). However, BMM plans to take it a few steps further with the following procedures being added to what the CDC is recommending:

In the event that a BMM technician needs to enter an occupied unit and the tenant DOES NOT have symptoms of Covid-19:

  • BMM’s technician will proceed to enter with a fresh pair of gloves which will be disposed of immediately after leaving the unit.
  • Face protection will be worn by BMM’s technician the entire time they are in the unit.
  • The tenant will be asked to stay in a different room during the duration of the service call.
  • BMM’s technician will wash his/her hands immediately before and after the service call.

In the event that a BMM technician needs to enter an occupied unit and the tenant DOES have symptoms of Covid-19

  • BMM’s technician will proceed to enter with the following fresh items and dispose of the items, in a trash bag, immediately after leaving the unit: Tyvek suit, respirator, gloves, goggles.
  • The tenant will be asked to stay in a different room during the duration of the service call.
  • BMM’s technician will wash his/her hands immediately before and after the service call.

Again, these precautions are in addition to the most current directive from the CDC. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding these procedures, please call our office at (763) 541-4886.

Involve BMM In Your Action Plan

To get through these tough times, BMM thinks it will take a community effort in sharing strategies and collaborating with one another. For this reason, BMM would like to be a part of any action plan meetings you may be having. We feel that the earlier and more involved we can be, the better we can serve you. BMM has already been collaborating with other companies using video conferencing software and can bring that knowledge to the table when we meet with you. These consultations will be completely free of charge, so please pick up the phone and reach out to our office at (763) 541-4886 or book a time to speak with BMM’s team of facility maintenance experts.

BMM Is Here When The Dust Settles

Not only is it important to have a plan during all this, but also after we reach the end of it. With resources only being utilized on emergency or essential type tasks; there will be a surplus of work to do when the dust settles. So, to get things back to a normal routine as soon as possible, call BMM at (763) 541-4886 or contact us.

Cold Weather Maintenance Considerations

Below freezing temperatures are nothing new for Minnesota. We are used to going days on end without getting above the freezing mark. Still, it pays to be prepare your facility for this cold weather. We want to share some important things to remember when the thermometer dips below zero.

Frozen Pipes

Heating Tips:

  • Set programmable thermostats on HOLD. You may not be able to recover the higher temperature, so it’s best to keep it constant.
  • Be sure your filter is clean and not obstructing airflow. Your equipment will likely be running more and you don’t want it to shut down prematurely if the air flowing through it is restricted.
  • If your heating equipment vents outside, make sure the intake and exhaust vents are clear of snow and ice. Ice can build up during cold temperatures.
  • If the equipment can’t keep the inside temperature where it’s set, don’t panic. As long as it is still running, it’s doing the best it can. Most heating systems will struggle to overcome temperatures 20-30 degrees below what the equipment is designed to handle.
  • Keep garage doors closed.

Plumbing Tips:

  • Make sure no hoses are attached to outside faucets since they will trap water that can freeze and burst the pipe.
  • If you have outside faucet shut-offs inside, it’s a good idea to shut them as well.
  • If you have a crawl space, make sure it is insulated properly to eliminate cold air from infiltrating around pipes.
  • Sinks located on an outside wall should have the lower cabinet doors open to allow more heat around the pipes.
  • You can run a small trickle of water through fixtures to keep the water moving and relieve the buildup of pressure inside plumbing.

If the above tips still don’t prevent your pipes from freezing, here’s what needs to be done:

  • Shut off the water immediately at the main shut-off valve.
  • Thaw pipes slowly with warm air from a hair dryer or space heater.
  • Once the pipes are thawed, you can slowly turn the water back on and check for any cracks or leaks that might have been caused by freezing.

With the proper preparation and knowledge, you will be ready for whatever winter brings. If you own or manage a multi-housing facility, make sure you share this information with your tenants as well.

For more information on cold weather preparation for your commercial building, call Building Maintenance Management at 763-541-4886 or Contact Us. Stay warm!

Keep the Heat on with After Hours Maintenance from BMM

If you rent out residential property to tenants, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure that the facilities are inhabitable. Making sure the heat works in the winter, fixing plumbing and keeping it structurally sound are all essential to a safe and comfortable space for your tenants. Heating and plumbing problems should be addressed within 24 hours. But, as a busy building manager, you likely have a lot on your plate and don’t have time to monitor your property 24/7. It may also not be possible to expect your employee or employees to be available all hours of the night. That’s where we come in. Our after hours maintenance serving Roseville can provide a maintenance person to rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can still have your own in-house maintenance staff to handle ordinary tasks and any emergencies during their working hours. However, once they go home, you can relax knowing our team can take care of it. If the heat ever stops working in the middle of the night, we will be available to take that call and work to get things back up and running as quickly as possible.

after hours maintenance roseville

How does it work? Our call center will answer all of your after hours maintenance calls, send a notice to our technicians in the area and then the closest one will respond to the call. This provides a quick response time and ensures all shifts, every day are covered. As you know, when a landlord fails to make the necessary repairs or maintenance after receiving a request from a tenant, there could be a number of consequences. Depending upon your state’s laws, your tenant could elect to withhold all rent until the repair is made adequately. The faster you have any issues corrected, the faster your tenant will be warm and satisfied.

Our staff will communicate with your in-house maintenance crew so they know what’s going on and can follow up with any needed repairs. Think of us as an extension of your property’s maintenance staff. We are here to support you! We are proud to offer this service, and we hope it will fill the void in the property maintenance industry for around-the-clock service all winter winter long.

Interested in learning more about after hours maintenance for your Roseville area property? Please give us a call at 763-541-4886 or contact us. We look forward to working with you!

Winter Maintenance for Your Business Property

Thanksgiving was last week and that means winter is just around the corner. Is your property ready for the dropping temperatures, ice and snow? There are some pretty essential tasks that should be taken care of before the big freeze here in Minnesota. As the trusted name in property maintenance for Minnetonka and the surrounding areas, we would like to tell you more about what can be done to help your property function properly throughout the winter.

Outside Tasks

Cleaning Gutters

One of the first things homeowners and business owners alike do to prepare for the winter is prepare their property’s pipes. As soon as freezing temperatures loom, it’s important to turn off water to any outside faucets, disconnect and drain garden hoses and cover with insulating foam covers. It is also important to turn off your sprinkler system and winterize them by performing a fall blowout.

You should also ensure your property maintenance team takes care of some other important outdoor tasks before the next big snow. You should caulk and cracks or holes on the outside, drain fountains and birdbaths, clean gutters and downspouts, rake and clean up leaves and debris among other tasks.

Indoor Tasks

Is your heating system ready for the Minnesota winter? Your tenants, employees and visitors require comfort in the form of reliable heat! That is why it is also important to prepare your heating system as well as perform other essential tasks to keep things warm indoors. You should have your furnace inspected, install a clean air filter and check to make sure the thermostat is working. Also, cover or remove any window air conditioning units if you haven’t already. Also be sure to:

  • Repair or replace weather stripping
  • Purchase a water heater blanket if needed
  • Flush your water heater to prevent sediment build-up
  • Install plastic sheet installation on your windows if they are drafty
  • Ensure your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working
  • And more

These are just some of the property maintenance tasks you should be sure are taken care of before the winter hits. And, our professional property maintenance team can take care of these for you! Simply don’t have the time to do these all yourself? Contact the experts at Building Maintenance Management and we can schedule time to come out.

We will custom tailor a property maintenance schedule to fit your unique needs and the needs of your property. Our property maintenance experts can help on a scheduled, temporary or as-needed basis. And, we can customize all of our property maintenance services to meet your specific needs. So whether you need temporary help, on an as-needed help every once in awhile or long-term help on a scheduled basis, you can rely on BMM.

Ready to learn more about property maintenance for your Minnetonka business? Call Building Maintenance Management at 763-541-4886 or Contact Us.

Don’t Forget To Include Essential Maintenance for Your Multi-Housing Property’s 2020 Budget

As you know, owning a multi-unit housing property requires a little more work than simply collecting rent. There is a lot that goes into the budgeting each year and one thing that should never be left out is maintenance costs. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs to renovations, each deserves a spot on your yearly budget. As the trusted name in multi-housing maintenance for St Louis Park, we’ve put together a list of the important services to remember in your budget. And, when you’re looking for a service that can help with all of your maintenance needs, give us a call at Building Maintenance Management; we can help with all of these services and more.

Multi Housing Maintenance St Louis Park

Apartment Turns & Renovations

You will likely have tenants moving out and new tenants moving in this year so don’t forget to include apartment turns in your budget. First impressions are everything in this competitive market and with old outdated cabinetry or dingy walls; it can be difficult to attract new tenants. An empty unit is a loss of revenue and this can become especially true with older or outdated buildings. With new housing popping up daily, multi housing renovations can give your building a more competitive edge in the housing market.

On-Call Emergency Service

Multi-housing properties require constant maintenance, but no matter how you try to prevent problems, it is inevitable that an emergency issue will arise and usually during the night or weekend. With our on-call emergency service, your maintenance staff can work during their scheduled hours, but when they go home for the evening or weekend, they don’t have to be on-call for emergencies. Instead, BMM will be available to handle any issues that arise when your maintenance staff are off.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Over time, lint and other debris can build up in the dryer vents and ignite, causing a fire. One of the best ways to ensure this does not happen is by scheduling dryer vent cleaning. Not only is it a great way to help prevent a fire, but regular dryer vent cleaning helps all of your dryers to run at peak performance. Your tenants could enjoy a lower electric bill, and you could see an increase in your dryers’ life spans.

Magic Pak Maintenance

A Magic Pak unit is a heating and cooling unit, and like any HVAC unit, it will work only as well as it’s serviced. You should have your Magic Pak(s) cleaned out on a regular basis, as cleaning will help to increase the unit’s air flow, thereby increasing system effectiveness and lifespan. Thorough maintenance will help to reduce the risk of premature failure. Our Magic-Pak maintenance professionals know what to look for; we will look for rust and cracks, check for carbon monoxide leaks, change filters, clean condensate pan and drain lines, clean and check coils, insert tablets to prevent buildup, and ensure all equipment is properly maintained. 

General Multi-Housing Maintenance

No multi-housing property can take care of itself; that’s where our multi-housing maintenance services come in. We provide full time and part-time preventative and general maintenance services to multi-housing properties throughout Minnesota. Our multi-housing maintenance staff is composed of licensed boiler engineers, and we are experienced in all aspects of building maintenance. We provide back up and supervision for our maintenance staff. This eliminates your time and expense involved in hiring, training and supervising in-house maintenance employees.

These are just some of the maintenance tasks every multi-housing property should budget for in the upcoming year. Call us at 763-541-4886 to find out more about our multi-housing maintenance services in the St Louis Park area or Contact Us.