Amenity Innovation Building Maintenance Management October 13, 2023

Amenity Innovation

Your current and future residents are actively seeking apartments that offer more than just a place to live; they desire an elevated lifestyle. Our Amenity Innovation solutions can help you significantly boost resident satisfaction, retention rates, and even market rents. Starting with work-from-home convenience, and including sustainability and smart technology, making a shift in your amenity offerings to align with emerging needs can set you far apart in a competitive market

BMM Is Your Partner In innovation

Whether your residents desire convenience, eco-friendly options, comfort, or all of the above, BMM can help you implement appealing, differentiating, and innovative solutions at your apartment community that will drive up rents, retention, and your competitive edge. Our installation capabilities include:

EV Charger Installation For The Growing Population Of Electric Vehicle Owners. ​
Smart Tech, including thermostats and door locks, for on-the-go management.
Package rooms built out in common areas for your residents' convenience.
Clubhouse renovations to create usable spaces for Work-From-Home residents.