Importance of Deck Repair and Maintenance

Importance of Deck Repair and Maintenance Building Maintenance Management June 20, 2019
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Many multi-housing facilities and commercial buildings have decks and patios, whether as a shared space or individual ones for each unit. Decks are a wonderful space to sit outside, grill and entertain, especially during the summer months. As with any part of a building, decks do require ongoing maintenance and occasional repair. At Building Maintenance Management, we provide deck repair for Twin Cities commercial buildings. We want to discuss why it’s important to keep your deck in top shape and things to look for that may indicate repair is needed.

The main reason for deck repair and maintenance is safety. Decks that are rotted or in disrepair can cause injury. Loose boards or nails sticking up can cause someone to trip and fall, a rotted railing can give way when someone leans on it, and the scariest of all scenarios is if a raised deck suddenly collapses when people are on it. This happens more often than you may think. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 33,000 people per year are injured because of the structural failure or collapse of a deck, porch, railing or staircase. To reduce the risk of personal injury and a lawsuit, regular deck maintenance is necessary.

Decks take a beating from the environment. They are constantly exposed to sunlight, rain, snow or other elements. Therefore, deterioration is to be expected. Regular inspections can spot problems that can be fixed before causing an accident.

Here are some things we will check and repair as needed for decks:

Rotted Wood

If the wood on the deck is beginning to deteriorate, it needs to be addressed right away. Depending on the extent of the damage, individual boards or the entire deck may need to be replaced.

Loose Railing

The deck railing is obviously there for safety and to define the border of the deck. Most railings can withstand someone leaning on it, but they are not meant for sitting or pushing against. If a railing moves when you push on it, it likely needs some repair. The same goes for stair railing; if it’s wobbling, work should be done.

Mold & Mildew

If there is mold and mildew growth on the deck, it can eat away at the structure. Stairs are particularly susceptible to becoming slick from mold or mildew.

Rusted Fasteners

The metal parts that hold a deck together can also deteriorate with time. If there is rust on fasteners, connectors, screws, bolts, etc., it should be investigated further and parts replaced as needed.


Wood tends to split some with wear, but certain kinds of cracks signal problems. If it’s a large crack or if it’s around fasteners, it can be a sign of weakness.

These are the main things we will look for on any deck to determine if it needs repairs. Regular maintenance and inspections are necessary to ensure a deck remains safe to use.

If you need help with deck maintenance and repair at your commercial or multi-housing facility, don’t hesitate to call Building Maintenance Management at 763-541-4886 or contact us.