Looking for Help with Retrofitting Lighting?

Looking for Help with Retrofitting Lighting? Building Maintenance Management January 18, 2016

Lighting Retrofitting Twin CitiesThe cost of keeping your business well lit can really add up over time, especially if you are still using the old incandescent bulbs. LED lighting is all the rage these days, and Building Maintenance Management can come to your commercial property or multi-housing unit to retrofit your lighting system and change it from incandescent to LED bulbs.

What many business owners don’t know is that Xcel Energy offers rebates on a variety of lighting projects and applications. You can visit their site to get even more details, but here is a brief rundown of the types of projects that could be eligible for a rebate:

  • Retrofitting your existing lighting system
  • Reducing the number of lamps you use
  • Upgrading as part of a remodeling or renovation project
  • Installing lighting fixtures in a new building
  • Custom applications
  • Lighting redesign studies

You could see a return on your investment in as few as six months! According to Xcel Energy’s website: “Up to 90 percent of lighting cost stems from energy use.” By decreasing the amount of energy you use to light up your commercial property, you will see some savings on your electric bill. Not only that, you will be doing your part to help Mother Nature. LED bulbs are more environmentally friendly than incandescent bulbs.

LED lighting is also a popular way to light up your parking lots. A well-lit parking lot is usually safer than one that is dark, and your customers, tenants and employees will certainly appreciate the added safety.

These are just a handful of reason you should contact us to learn more about lighting retrofit projects and how we can help. Be sure to contact Xcel Energy to learn more about the rebates they offer for LED lights, retrofitting and more. This could end up being a great way for you and your company to save some money while benefitting the planet at the same time.

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