Essential Commercial Property Maintenance Tips for Fall

Essential Commercial Property Maintenance Tips for Fall Building Maintenance Management September 28, 2018

It’s official–fall is here! Along with all of the other essential fall tasks, there are also quite a few required for your business or commercial property in preparation for the cooler months ahead. So, start your own preparations to make sure your commercial property is ready for the changing seasons and enlist the help of the experts at Building Maintenance Management. We are the experts in property maintenance for Roseville and the surrounding areas and would love to tell you more about these essential fall maintenance tasks:

Fall Landscaping

This is a big one. Leaves will soon begin to fall and accumulate on sidewalks, walkways and even in the parking lot and entrances. Leaf raking and leaf blowing is essential to not only the appearance of your property but to its safety as well. At BMM we can take care of this painstaking task for you. We can even come out on a scheduled, recurring basis to make sure your property is consistently raked.

Gutter Maintenance

Another big threat that comes from all of those falling leaves and debris is to your gutter system. It’s important to make sure it’s clear so that water will flow freely away from your building when it rains and pours. This simple step will go a long way towards preventing roof leaks and flooding.

Floor Cleaning

Leaves don’t just make a mess outside but indoors as well. During the fall, leaves, pine needles and other debris will get tracked in on shoes. So, frequent vacuuming, mopping, buffering and similar property maintenance will be essential to keep your floors shiny and leaf-free.

Heater Check

Avoid any surprises on the first cold day of autumn by checking your heater today. This means checking on the pilot light, oil levels if applicable and furnace filters, as well as having our HVAC expert come in for a seasonal checkup.

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Lighting and Electrical

We can come in and perform a property maintenance check on your electrical system to ensure it’s prepared for the increased usage that fall can bring. Shorter and colder days mean more lighting and the possible addition of space heaters, etc.

Ready to get started preparing your commercial property for fall? Our team can help with property maintenance and management tasks of all types. And, our wide scope of services cover all ends of a typical property.

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