Magic Pak Cleaning Available from BMM

Magic Pak Cleaning Available from BMM Building Maintenance Management June 19, 2013

One of the more popular services we offer at Building Maintenance Management (BMM) is Magic Pak cleaning. You may have questions about Magic Pak cleaning, and we answer some of the more common below:

What is a Magic Pak?

Magic Park heating and cooling units are compact and operate through a wall duct. These provide apartment dwells and building occupants with comfort control options in small packages.

Why do I need to have my Magic Pak cleaned?

Your Magic Pak unit is a heating and cooling unit, and like any HVAC unit, it will work only as well as it’s serviced. You should have your Magic Pak(s) cleaned out on a regular basis, as cleaning will help to increase the unit’s air flow, thereby increasing system effectiveness and lifespan. Thorough cleaning will also help to reduce the risk of premature failure.

What all is involved in a Magic Pak cleaning?

We thoroughly clean the A/C unit’s internal coils, and comb fin tubing if necessary. We also will clean out the condensate pan and drain lines, and change out air filters. We’ll also remove nests and debris left behind by mice, birds, bees and other rodents and insects.

Have questions about Magic Pak cleaning? Give us a call now at 763-541-4886 or contact us about a work order request.