Multi-family Supplemental Maintenance Support Building Maintenance Management September 22, 2023

Supplemental Maintenance Services

BMM’s outsourced technicians can supplement your in-house maintenance team during times of need, including seasonal ebbs and flows, intensive preventative maintenance projects, systems issues, property-wide upgrades, upcoming inspections, or when you are unexpectedly short-staffed. Our technicians can help with apartment turns, unit painting and cleaning, landscaping, general maintenance, or your custom projects.

When your needs are temporary, it can be cost prohibitive and inefficient to hire and train the staff you require to get you through. Whether you contract for one BMM technician or a whole team; and for a few days, weeks or months; our ancillary support solution allows you to tackle extra work while keeping your in-house team focused and on-task. Plus, you can always adjust your BMM team size or scope as your needs change.

And you have the assurance that our fully-vetted, well-trained, award-winning maintenance technicians are committed to providing your site staff and your residents with outstanding service. The difference really is our people.

Extra support at your property when you need it most.

Apartment Turns




General Maintenance

Custom Projects

Why Outsource:
Flexibility & Efficiency

Add one technician or many to help your team
Our solutions are tailored to your needs
Integrate team members who specialize by project
Reduce overhead and training costs
Adjust the size of your team as required