Spring Cleaning for Your Commercial Property

Spring Cleaning for Your Commercial Property Building Maintenance Management April 27, 2016

Spring brings longer days, more sunshine and warmer temperatures. Along with all these nice things comes more maintenance work to do. Spring means it’s time to clean up after the long winter and add some color to the landscape. As a property maintenance company serving Apple Valley and surrounding areas, we want to highlight some things we can take care of around your commercial property this spring.

Wagon with mulch next to flower bed.Landscaping
This is a big one since you’ve been able to ignore it for the past several months as the lawns and flower beds were covered with snow or just expected to be brown. This is not the case in the spring and summer time! To keep a professional and inviting look around your property you will want to have a well maintained landscape. We can help by planting some flowers, adding a fresh topping of mulch and handling other small landscaping tasks.

Parking Lots and Sidewalks
Winter can leave many unexpected reminders long after the ice and snow have melted. From pot holes in parking lots to cracks in sidewalks, the aftermath can be treacherous. We can help get your paved areas back in shape. We will sweep up any leftover sand, salt or stones still remaining after the freezing temperatures. We can also sweep garages to remove excess debris that has accumulated from vehicles. Pot holes can be filled and sidewalks re-paved if necessary.

Window Cleaning
Another project that normally gets ignored during colder months is window cleaning, specifically the outside of windows. This is another property maintenance task our team can easily handle for you. We can thoroughly clean all your windows, both inside and out, providing a clear view of the spring colors outside.

Spring is a great time to add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your building. The weather is warm enough but not too hot, allowing the paint to go on easily without drying too quickly. If you have paint that’s chipping, faded or just want a new look, let our property maintenance team take care of it!

These are just a few of the many property maintenance tasks we can handle for you. Why not take some time to enjoy the nicer weather and leave the outside work to us?

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