Emergency Maintenance During COVID-19

Emergency Maintenance During COVID-19 Building Maintenance Management July 14, 2020
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These days many property managers and landlords are wondering what their responsibilities are when it comes to maintenance and especially emergency maintenance during COVID-19. When everything right now requires extensive planning, what does one do in an emergency? Tenants will be looking to you for information on how to submit maintenance requests, how common areas are being managed and cleaned and what to do in the event their A/C stops working, their electric goes out or a pipe bursts in their unit. Here at Building Maintenance Management, we offer emergency maintenance for Minnetonka and the surrounding areas and are here to tell you more about this essential service.

With our after hours emergency maintenance service, property managers will have a maintenance person they can rely on 24/7/365. We can still handle regular maintenance tasks during the day, but we are also on call during the “off” hours in case an emergency comes up, like a busted waterline or furnace that stops running.

How it works: We have a call center where any after hours maintenance calls will come. Then our maintenance technicians on duty at the time will respond to the call. This provides a quick response time. We will have our employees on different shifts so all hours of every day will be covered. Our staff will communicate with the owner or property manager so they will know the details of any emergency call, what was done and if there’s any follow up work they need to handle.

With emergency maintenance from BMM you won’t have to worry about calling a third party you’re unfamiliar with. We are the emergency maintenance company area businesses trust and we are here to help. BMM has taken the initiative to ensure our technicians are identified as “essential” workers during these unprecedented and unpredictable times. So, whether it is routine building check-ups or 24/7 standby emergency coverage, your commercial building maintenance can continue to be covered by BMM.

During this time, it is important to continue to maintain the essential systems in your building to ensure you’re not wasting energy in empty areas and, as a result, inflating your utility bills. It can also be hard to keep up with your building management and emergency maintenance if staff has been sent home to work remotely. That’s where we come in; we offer comprehensive maintenance including emergency maintenance for even your after-hours needs. With this service, property managers can have peace of mind knowing any issue will be taken care of right away by an experienced professional even in these uncertain times.

Are you in need of trusted, safe and dependable emergency maintenance in the Minnetonka area? Give BMM a call today at 763-541-4886 or contact us online.