Outsourced Maintenance Building Maintenance Management October 13, 2023

Outsourced Maintenance

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BMM will provide a complete, full-time, permanent, ongoing maintenance program for your property. Employing in-house maintenance technicians comes with significant costs, including salaries, benefits, training, risk-mitigating programs, and equipment. Plus, there is an administrative burden related to payroll, scheduling, and training. Outsourcing your maintenance program simplifies all of this, minimizing the distractions you face and allowing you to focus on managing your property. We will place a team of trained technicians at your property and will manage the related personnel administration on an ongoing basis.

Outsourcing maintenance also allows you to convert fixed personnel expenses into variable costs. You can adjust your team size on the fly, paying only for what you need on a day-to-day basis.

Outsourcing maintenance with BMM provides:

Scalability and Flexibility

We can adjust the size of your maintenance team on an ongoing basis, quickly adding resources when needed with no ramp up time for onboarding or training. We also have resources at the ready should a technician be unable to work on any given day.

Quality Assurance

We have an award-winning program, based on our process of vetting, hiring and training the best maintenance techs available. Exceeding the expectations of your site staff and your residents is our priority.

Cost and time management

Using a BMM team allows you to convert the fixed expense related to hiring employees into a variable one, allowing you to fine-tune your budget and your team-related costs for the highest efficiency and least amount of down time. We also eliminate the need for you onboard and train, providing a significant cost and time savings.

Core competencies

Using a BMM staffed and management maintenance team ensures that the management staff you have on on-site at your apartment community is more focused on their core competencies and less distracted by the administration of your maintenance program, including scheduling, payroll and more.