Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall Maintenance Checklist Building Maintenance Management September 28, 2016

The cooler mornings and changing colors on the trees remind us that fall is here, meaning colder weather is soon on its way. The changing seasons call for new maintenance tasks that need to be completed for your commercial property. If you simply do not have the time or expertise to complete these on your own, reach out to us for contract maintenance near Brooklyn Park. We have a team of technicians who can complete both the menial and technical to-do items on your list.

Here are some things you will want to get done this fall:

  1. Cleaning GuttersClean Gutters – Fall foliage can be a hindrance to your gutters. Leaves and other debris quickly accumulate, preventing proper drainage. You will want to remove the buildup then flush the gutters with a garden hose or bucket of water to check the flow.
  2. Pack Up the Patio – If you have patio furniture out, you will want to pack it away for the winter months. First, clean any dirt or debris off chairs and tables, let them dry completely, then store them inside a shed or garage.
  3. Drain Faucets – This is an important one to remember! You can avoid winter mishaps by turning off outside faucets and in-ground irrigation systems to prevent them from freezing and bursting when the temperature plummets. You’ll also want to close any shut-off valves and open outside faucets to drain the line completely. Finish by draining any lingering water and putting away garden hoses and sprinklers.
  4. Care for Plants – You will want to pull up annuals, deadhead perennials and trim shrubs. You can follow this by adding a layer of mulch to your flower beds. This provides an extra blanket of warmth to protect plants during the winter.
  5. Trim Trees – After you rake up the first batch of fallen leaves, you can spend some time trimming branches to keep your trees healthy. Pruning while the tree still has leaves makes it easier to determine which branches are dead or dying and need to be removed.
  6. Prep the Furnace – Now is the time to inspect furnaces so any issues can be taken care of before the heat is really needed. You will want to check filters to see if they need replaced, check the pilot light and thermostat, and open heat vents to make sure everything is working safely and efficiently.
  7. Check Batteries – You will want to check the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. It’s recommended to test these once a month and replace batteries every six months for the best performance. A good rule of thumb is to check your detectors when you change the clocks in fall and spring.
  8. Inspect Fireplaces – If you have any fireplaces at your property, now is the time to evaluate them and clean any built up creosote or dirty flues. You will also want to thoroughly inspect the fireplace and chimney to check for any hidden dangers.
  9. Cover the AC – Clean the AC filter and remove any debris so the unit will be in good shape for spring. Inspect it for any visible damage before wrapping it with an approved cover. Any window units should be removed and stored.

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