How Low Flow Water Fixtures Can Save You Water & Money

How Low Flow Water Fixtures Can Save You Water & Money Building Maintenance Management May 28, 2018

As a multi-unit housing building owner or manager, you are always looking for new ways to save money. And, one of the best ways is by conserving water. Most of the time water is included in a unit’s rent, so it is in your best interest to limit water consumption. How do you do this? With low flow water fixtures like shower heads, faucets and toilets. As experts in and providers of multi housing renovations in St Louis Park, we would like to discuss this convenient and efficient way to conserve water and save money.

The experts here at Building Maintenance Management have installed a number of of water-conserving products in local area properties, including faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads. You could say we really understand the ins and outs of the installation process. First of all, it is important you educate your tenants about your water conservation upgrades. This step is essential to the success of your multi housing renovations and can help the resident understand the purpose of the updates.

By installing these new features you will also be encouraging residents to be more accountable for their water usage and take a more active role in saving water themselves. When people are more aware of their water usage, they tend to waste a lot less.

By retrofitting existing units with water-efficient faucets, toilets, and shower heads, apartment owners and multi-unit housing managers can reduce both the amount of water coming into their properties and the water going out of their properties into the city sewer system. Here are a few of the most common multi unit housing renovations that can help save you water and money:

  • Low-flow kitchen aerators
  • Water conserving toilets
  • Low-flow or smart shower heads
  • And more

And these are just some of the water conserving multi housing renovations you can make! Give us a call at Building Maintenance Management and we can offer even more ideas to help save you money.

Also, it’s important to know that going green and conserving water doesn’t mean sacrificing style! These days, there are endless looks and styles that offer water conserving features. And, many tenants these days are more environmentally conscious and actually prefer apartments that include green or smart faucets and fixtures.

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