Start Planning for Warmer Weather with Magic Pak Cleaning & Maintenance

Start Planning for Warmer Weather with Magic Pak Cleaning & Maintenance Building Maintenance Management February 24, 2021
Magic Pak Cleaning st paul

While the weather isn’t exactly warming up yet, spring is closer than it seems. Now is a great time to start scheduling and preparing important tasks for your commercial property before spring. And, one of the most important ones of those tasks has got to be Magic Pak cleaning. St Paul area businesses trust Building Maintenance Management for all of their building maintenance needs. We are the trusted name in the area supplying Magic Pak cleaning and maintenance to keep them working all season long.

The last thing you want to worry about is having to send someone out to your building to clean or even fix one of your building’s Magic Pak units. That’s where we come in. BMM can get your units in tip-top shape before the warm season even begins. After all, preventative maintenance is always better than costly repairs. With regular Magic-Pak cleaning, you will keep your residents comfortable and eliminate most last-minute service calls for leaks or other issues caused by an unclean unit.

At BMM our extensive experience working with multi-housing facilities has given us expert knowledge Magic Pak units and their components; developing a successful process for effectively cleaning and repairing them. At Building Maintenance Management (BMM), we have designed a maintenance regimen that can not only prolong the life of your building’s units but also increase their efficiency.

How it Works

The air conditioning system has both evaporation coils and condensing coils. Both the evaporator and condenser coils have a tendency to attract dirt and debris. A physical Magic Pak cleaning from BMM can remove this dirt and debris, increasing indoor air quality and help your units run more efficiently overall. Our method for thoroughly cleaning your Magic Pak includes:

  • Taking A/C unit out of the Magic Pak
  • In-depth, careful cleaning of the coils
  • Combining fin tubing (if necessary)
  • Changing the filters
  • Cleaning the condensate pan and drain lines
  • Inserting tablets that help prevent buildup
  • Entering information a log we keep on each unit and its condition
  • And more

Ready to learn more? Your Magic Pak units will only work well if they are properly serviced. So start planning ahead for spring today! To learn more about Magic Pak cleaning in the St Paul area, give us a call now at 763-541-4886 or Contact Us to Request a Work Order.