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You might have heard of facilities management, but have you ever wondered what a facilities management company really does beyond managing the maintenance and repair work that goes into a commercial property? A facilities management company is much more than just a team of repair men and technicians. Building Maintenance Management is a company that specializes in facilities management in Bloomington MN and the surrounding areas, so we thought we would cover other roles that we play in the maintenance and management of properties.

Find Ways to Cut Costs

A good facilities management company will work with their clients to help them figure out ways to possibly cut costs. For example, we might work with a commercial property to find ways to make the building more energy efficient, saving money on utility bills, not to mention helping Mother Earth. We can customize and tailor our facilities management services to meet your commercial property’s needs while staying within your budget.

Recover from a Disaster or Emergency

If the worst happens and your commercial property sustains damage because of a fire or a weather event, a facilities management company can help you with your business continuity. And even before an emergency occurs, we can help make sure your building is as ready as possible in case something does happen. In today’s world, being prepared for a disaster or emergency is imperative. You can even call us for on-call or fill-in work when you need some extra assistance recovering from a disaster or other emergency situation.

Figure Out New Ways of Doing Business

With the way businesses and work styles can change at the drop of a hat, facilities management companies can help with the ebb and flow of your employees. We can help you optimize the use of space within your building. And if you own apartments or something similar, our apartment turn services are an excellent service for you to look into. After a tenant moves out, you can have us come in and get the apartment move-in ready for the next person who will live there. We are members of the Minnesota Multi Housing Association too.

These are just a few ways our facilities management company can help you! You can call us to learn more about our services.

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