BMM Assists Property Owners with REAC Inspection Prep

BMM Assists Property Owners with REAC Inspection Prep Building Maintenance Management March 2, 2023
Reac Inspection Prep

If you are an owner or manager of affordable housing, you are likely familiar with HUD REAC inspections. HUD (United States Department of Housing and Urban Development) provides affordable homes through several rental assistance programs, including multi-family housing, public housing and housing choice vouchers. To be a HUD-assisted property requires inspection to ensure a decent, safe and sanitary living environment. HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) sets the inspection standards and oversees these physical inspections.

Building Maintenance Management provides assistance to property owners and managers who are required to have a REAC inspection. BMM knows the standards and requirements of these inspections, and we offer input on issues or concerns that may need to be fixed in order to pass the inspection.

So, whether you are facing your first REAC inspection or have been through it many times before, we can help set you up for success. Before the REAC inspection, you should complete a full inspection on your own of the following areas: the site, all building exteriors, all building systems, all common areas and all units. BMM can do this pre-inspection for you. We will note any issues that were found and things that need to be fixed or improved before your scheduled REAC inspection.

The HUD website lists the top 25 most cited deficiencies for multi-family housing. Doors with damaged hardware is #1 on the list followed by a unit without a working refrigerator. Damaged doors, windows and walls round off the top five issues. Other things to consider include electrical outlets, smoke detectors, emergency exits, roof, and bathroom or kitchen items.

BMM deals daily with multi-housing maintenance. We can easily spot deficiencies in a building, and we also have the skills to fix those deficiencies. We can walk through the facility with you to point things out that will not pass on a REAC inspection, or we can go through and create a list of things that need attention. You can then decide how to proceed – if you will take care of the updates yourself or if you want our team to handle some or all of the issues.

Even if you feel you have a good idea on the condition of your buildings, a fresh set of eyes may spot things you would miss. Having BMM help with your REAC inspection preparation provides extra confidence that nothing is overlooked, helping improve your inspection score. A higher score will mean less frequent future inspections, which is time saving and stress reducing!

Do you want help preparing for REAC inspections in the Twin Cities area? Call Building Maintenance Management today at 763-541-4886 or contact us!