Dryer Vent Cleaning to Prevent Fire

Dryer Vent Cleaning to Prevent Fire Building Maintenance Management October 31, 2016

When you are responsible for a multi-housing property, you want to be sure the residents are safe and that safety hazards are kept to a minimum. One thing that can often be overlooked is dryer vent cleaning. Twin Cities apartment complexes can easily start fire by neglecting this task. Whether you have a common area for laundry or each unit has their own washer and dryer, you will want to be sure the vents are cleaned for everyone’s safety.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Here are some reasons why dryer vent cleaning is so important, taken from the U.S. Fire Administration:

  • 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported each year and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries and $35 million in property loss.
  • The leading cause of clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them.
  • Most clothes dryer fires occur in the fall and winter months, peaking in January.

Our team of property maintenance technicians can perform dryer vent cleaning to greatly reduce the risk of a fire starting from a dryer. Here is what you can expect when you have us come to clean the dryer vents at your property:

  • Inspect the venting system behind the dryer to ensure it is not damaged or restricted.
  • Add a covering on outside wall dampers to keep out rain, snow and dirt if one is not already in place.
  • Make sure the outdoor vent covering opens when the dryer is on.
  • Replace coiled-wire foil or plastic with rigid, non-ribbed metal duct that is less likely to trap lint.
  • Check to make sure nests of small animals and insects are not blocking the outside vent.
  • Clean out all lint from within and around the dryer.
  • Remove lint in ducts to ensure air can flow properly.

Fall is an ideal time for a dryer vent cleaning since you want to make sure all vents are cleaned before winter sets in. Some vents can be on roofs and difficult places to reach if there is snow and ice. Also, since fall and winter seem to be times with a greater risk for dryer fires, you want to make sure everything is in good working order.

Depending on the amount of use your dryers receive, dryer vent cleaning should be performed every 3-12 months. A good recommendation would be to have them cleaned in the spring and fall every year. If it seems they need to be done more frequently, we will let you know.

If you would like to learn more about dryer vent cleaning in the Twin Cities, call Building Maintenance Management at 763-541-4886 or you can Contact Us.