Special Project: Retrofitting Exterior Lighting

Special Project: Retrofitting Exterior Lighting Building Maintenance Management March 9, 2016

We want to share some information and photos of a recent contract maintenance job we did for Seasons Park Apartments in Richfield. They are in the process of renovating their multi-housing units and also wanted to update the outside lighting to make the apartments safer for residents. In addition to added safety, the updated lights are also more energy efficient.

Previously all the exterior lighting for the apartments was sodium halide bulbs. We retrofitted these to new LED bulbs. The old 60-watt bulbs were replaced with new 22-watt LED bulbs, which produce the same, if not more, light for the area.

Xcel Energy offers several rebates for lighting projects. Seasons Park Apartments took advantage of this, making their upgrade to LED lights nearly cost-free! In addition, the apartments will see savings on their electric bill by having the energy efficient LED bulbs.

Here is a photo of the type of outdoor lighting at the apartments before:

Lighting Before


Here are some photos after retrofitting the lights with new LED bulbs:

Parking Lot Lighting


Outdoor Light


Outdoor Garage Lighting

Lighting by drive

Seasons Park Apartments now offers a brighter and safer environment for their residents, and all of us at Building Maintenance Management were happy to help with the project.

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