Property Maintenance for Multi-Family Housing Facilities in Minneapolis

Property Maintenance for Multi-Family Housing Facilities in Minneapolis Building Maintenance Management February 14, 2014

Do you own an apartment complex, townhome complex or other multi-family living facility in Minneapolis? At Building Maintenance Management, we understand how overwhelming keeping up with the property maintenance responsibilities can be. For property owners in Minneapolis, property maintenance assistance may be necessary, especially during unusually harsh winters. If you need extra hands this winter, we’ve got them for you.

Snow Removal

When the snow just keeps falling in Minneapolis, it’s hard to keep up with proper snow removal. You have to worry about parking lots, roadways and walkways. It may seem like you can’t remove the snow from your property fast enough. Our experienced grounds maintenance team can help you keep ahead of the storms. Snow removal is critical to the safety of your Minneapolis residents as they walk and drive around your complex.

Maintenance Fixes & Repairs

Doesn’t it always seem to go, that when it’s the coldest months of any Minneapolis winter, the heating system breaks. You may be getting an influx of calls from your tenants about pilot lights being out, or worse. You may also be experiencing complex-wide maintenance problems. Whether you need to hire a permanent property maintenance company, or just need a few extra bodies to help get you through the winter, BMM can help.

General Property Maintenance

While your team is busy dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities that come up during the winter, your general property maintenance tasks may fall by the wayside. We can’t let that happen! If your team just can’t keep up with this exceptionally harsh winter, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide emergency services to the Minneapolis area, as well as routine property maintenance assistance. We want to help you get back on the right track.

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