Property Maintenance Winter To Do List

Property Maintenance Winter To Do List Building Maintenance Management November 14, 2014

Winter is nearly upon us and with its coming, it also brings several chores that need to get done before the frigid temperatures and snowy conditions hit. We offer property maintenance in St Louis Park, and we have a few suggestions on what should be on your to do list.

Filters and Debris

Make sure all furnaces or heating units have clean filters. Also, take the time to make sure all air conditioning units have clean filters too. Take the time to clear debris from the outdoor units as well. This will help them function at their best and can help cut back on the need for repair work.

Stock Up

Take some time to stock up on the necessities for snow and ice removal. Get plenty of de-icer, kitty litter, shovels, brooms and any other tools or materials you use to clean up. This is a pretty standard property maintenance chore every winter here in Minnesota!

Trees and Plants

If there are any trees or other landscaping on your property, take the time to get them ready for the winter. Prune any dead parts so there is plenty of room for them to grow next spring. Give the grass one last mow, cutting it down to a shorter-than-usual length. Rake up the leaves and try to stay on top of this all-too-frequent property maintenance chore.


Take some time to do visual inspections of the property. If it’s safe, get on the roof and look around to check for leaks or needed repairs. Look at the building’s siding and other areas to make sure repair work isn’t needed. Outdoor repair work is usually easier when it’s still a bit warm out, so take advantage of the last bit of warm(ish) weather to get these property maintenance chores checked off your list!

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