Save Money with AC Preventative Maintenance

Save Money with AC Preventative Maintenance Building Maintenance Management August 18, 2016

As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is true in so many situations but also for commercial property maintenance. Roseville MN property owners know that spending some time and money on preventative maintenance will save them more time, money and headaches down the road. Building Maintenance Management follows the same philosophy. We want to keep your property in top shape with regular maintenance to help prevent extensive problems later.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Roseville

With that in mind, we want to cover some aspects of air conditioner maintenance. An AC unit’s coils and filters require regular maintenance to operate effectively and efficiently during the year. Dust, dirt and other debris can collect in the outdoor condensing unit and affect performance as well as the comfort level of your residents. Neglecting routine service can also lead to higher energy costs and expensive system malfunctions. Practicing good preventative maintenance will help improve the overall performance of your condensing equipment and save you money!

Here are some yearly maintenance tasks and inspections to perform on your AC equipment. Remember to always disconnect the power supply to condenser units before working on them.

Electrical issues are a common problem for many outdoor systems, so the following should be checked as routine property maintenance:
• Make sure fuses and breakers are in good working order
• Be sure electrical line connections are tight and secure
• Inspect wires and terminals for corrosion

Outdoor units require good airflow to work properly and effectively.
• Ensure unit is on firm, level ground or placed on a pad away from tall grass or dense foliage
• Clean dust, dirt, leaves and other debris from inside and around the unit
• Clean coils with condenser coil cleaner to remove dirt, grime and dust
• Straighten coils to ensure proper airflow

For the AC to cool properly, the refrigerant in the unit needs to be in good working order.
• Test for acid in the system
• Inspect the unit for proper refrigerant level and adjust as needed
• If refrigerant level is low, test the unit for leaks and inject leak sealant if necessary
• Inspect refrigerant lines and replace pipe insulation as needed

Regularly inspecting components of the AC unit decreases operating costs and increases the life of the equipment.
• Inspect fan motor and fan blades and lubricate as needed
• Inspect compressor and associated copper tubing for damage or corrosion
• Inspect the control box, wiring and connections for visible wearing or damage; controls may include relays, contactors, circuit boards and capacitors
• Use a capacitor tester for weak, open or shortened capacitors and replace as needed
• Clean contactor with an aerosol cleaner

These are just a few general recommendations for maintaining a condenser AC unit. You will also want to refer to the manufacturer of your equipment for specific instructions regarding inspection and maintenance.

If you would like more information on commercial property maintenance in Burnsville, MN, or the surrounding areas, call Building Maintenance Management at 763-541-4886 or you can Contact Us. We have a qualified team who can help with your commercial property maintenance needs.