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One of the most important parts of being a maintenance management company in St Louis Park is making sure the building’s parking lot is in good shape and clear of debris and other potential hazards. We here at Building Maintenance Management take this very seriously, so we wanted to share a few tips on how our maintenance management company handles this task.

If you think about it, parking lots tend to take a lot of abuse. Between the varying temperatures, outdoor elements, not to mention all of the traffic it gets, it’s no wonder parking lots need a lot of TLC!

We suggest making sure you inspect your parking lot on a regular basis. Do a visual inspection and take a walk around the lot. Look for any obvious signs of disrepair – large cracks or potholes and other damage like that. Make sure your parking lot is clean. Trash, leaves and other debris can easily gather around sewage and water drains and cause water to back up into the lot. This not only looks messy, but it can create a safety hazard for motorists and pedestrians alike. Taking some time to make sure your lot is clean can pay off in the long run.

And if you see any problems that need to be fixed, take the time to fix them now. Don’t wait until they become larger problems because that can result in more of a headache for you and the property owner later on down the road.

If possible, do what you can to take preventive measures. Seal cracks, repave the lot if and when you can and make sure all drains are functioning and draining properly.

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