Prepping Your Property for Winter

Prepping Your Property for Winter Building Maintenance Management October 26, 2018

Fall is in full swing and winter is just around the corner. Have you done everything you can to help prepare your property for the colder months ahead? As experts in property maintenance for Bloomington and the surrounding areas, Building Maintenance Management is here to help you prep your property. We’ll start by providing a list of some essential tasks that should be taken care of before the big freeze here in Minnesota. And, when you’re ready to get started and need some assistance with any and all of your property maintenance tasks, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals here at BMM.Winter Commercial Property Maintenance Apple Valley

Start Outdoors

It is important to take care of some important outdoor tasks before the weather gets too cold. Here are a few to consider:

  • Caulk any cracks or holes on the outside
  • Drain fountains and birdbaths
  • Clean gutters and downspouts before ice begins forming
  • Rake and clean up dead leaves and debris
  • And more

Keep Warm Indoors

Begin preparing your heating system and performing other essential tasks such as these:

  • Have your furnace inspected, install a clean air filter and check to make sure the thermostat is working
  • Cover or remove any window air conditioners
  • Repair or replace weather stripping
  • Flush your water heater to prevent sediment build-up
  • Purchase a water heater blanket if applicable
  • Do your windows require sheet plastic insulation? Be sure to install those now
  • Ensure your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order
  • And more

Prep Your Pipes

There are a few things your pipes will need before the cold weather hits, including:

  • Cover outdoor faucets with insulating foam covers
  • Disconnect and drain any garden hoses outside
  • Turn off sprinkler system winterize them by performing a fall blowout
  • And more

And, these are just a few of the property maintenance tasks that should be performed to help prepare your property for winter. Not comfortable performing any of these or simply don’t have the time? Contact the experts at Building Maintenance Management and we can take care of them for you!

Our property maintenance professionals can help on a scheduled, temporary or as-needed basis. And, we can customize all of our property maintenance services to meet your specific needs. So whether you need temporary help, on an as-needed help every once in awhile or long-term help on a scheduled basis, you can depend on us.

Are you interested in getting some more information on property maintenance in Bloomington? Call Building Maintenance Management at 763-541-4886 or Contact Us.