EV Charging for Properties

EV Charging for Properties Building Maintenance Management September 25, 2023
EV Charging Stations

Preparing Your Property for EV Charging

Recent years have seen a continued increase in the production and use of electric vehicles (EVs). EV charging stations are becoming more and more common place at various shopping centers, multi-housing properties and more. Keep your properties at the forefront of this shift towards electric vehicles by choosing Building Maintenance Management to install EV charging stations at your properties!

It’s estimated that approximately 80% of EV charging occurs at home – placing the responsibility of providing charging stations on the property manager or homeowner. More and more people are looking to their landlords and property managers to provide charging stations for their electric vehicles. However, installing an EV charging station is something that should only be handled by the professionals. At BMM, we have the tools and knowledge necessary to make installing your new EV charging stations a breeze!

When you decide that it’s time to enhance your competitive edge with EV charging stations, there are a few things that we will help you consider determining the best fit for charging stations. First, you must think about the electricity required. Your EV charging stations will tie into your electrical panels, circuit breakers and transformers – meaning that your electric must be up to the additional strain that a charging station may place on it.

Before you break ground to install your EV charging station, it’s important to pick the right category of charger. Level 1 chargers dispense 12 amps and can charge a drained battery in about 8-12 hours. Meanwhile, a Level 2 charger dispenses 15-80 amps and takes less than half the time to fully charge a vehicle battery. To choose between Level 1 and Level 2 chargers, you must take into consideration the number of residents that require access to an EV charging station, the power available to the charging stations and the cost, as Level 2 charging stations cost more.

Additionally, you must take the electrical grid into consideration. As most places have a grid designed before the rise of electric vehicles, much of the power grid is unequipped to handle millions of charging stations. It is important to consider the capabilities of your property, as well as any local regulations regarding the power grid.

Finally, as a property manager, you need to consider the priorities of your residents. Do all your residents have electric vehicles that they require charging stations for? Or does only one need an EV charging station currently? Depending on the expected use of EV charging stations, it is important to consider location for the station and how many to install. Consider where residents typically park, whether the desired location for a charging station will disrupt their normal parking habits.

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing to install EV charging stations, but luckily, when you choose to work with BMM, we can help you along the way! Our experience with EV charging stations means that we can advise you on each step and help you identify the best solution for your property.

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