Energy Saving Tips for Your Home Appliances

Energy Saving Tips for Your Home Appliances Building Maintenance Management September 30, 2015

energy efficient appliances building maintenance management twin citiesIn today’s world, most people aren’t just concerned with saving money. They are also concerned with saving the planet and decreasing their carbon footprint. Over the years, our commercial property maintenance service has learned a few things on how to help lower your electric bill and how to cut back on your carbon footprint, so we thought we would share some of our favorite suggestions.


When you are done with your food, let it cool off on the counter before you put it in your refrigerator.


When you run your dishwasher, try to do it during the evening hours when your house is a bit cooler. That will help prevent the daytime heat from building up in your kitchen.


When you are cooking or reheating food, think ahead and arrange your food on your plate for the best method of heating. Thinner food should go toward the center of your plate and thicker food should go toward the outside of your plate.


Surprisingly enough, the fuller your freezer is, the more effective it is. Try to keep your freezer as full as possible, and you might end up saving a few bucks on your electric bill.


When you cook or reheat food, use ceramic cookware or bakeware. You could reduce how hot your oven gets by up to 25 degrees!

Hot water heater

This appliance generally uses the most energy in your home (after your heating and cooling system). So any appliance that uses hot water, like your dishwasher, uses up even more energy and costs you even more money. When you are ready to get a new water heater, try to get one that is an energy efficient or tankless model. You could end up seeing some savings on your energy bill, and it will definitely help decrease your carbon footprint.

Tax credits

You can find energy efficient dishwashers and water heaters, and there are plenty of other types of energy efficient appliances on the market today. The state and federal governments offer financial incentives for those who have energy efficient appliances in their homes, usually in the form of tax credits. The regulations and credits tend to vary from year to year, so check out the IRS’ website to learn more.

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