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We wanted to share some information and photos of a multi housing renovation project we did for Seasons Park Apartments in Richfield. They are in the process of renovating their multi housing units, and they had a hot tub that had some broken pumps. Rather than repair the pumps (which was more trouble than it was worth!), they decided to have the hot tub filled in and they called Building Maintenance Management to take care of it!

We filled the hot tub in with 10,000 pounds of sand and 4 inches of concrete, and we also reinforced it with rebar. The entire project took about one day total. It was a pretty simple, easy to do job for us, and we were able to complete the task pretty quickly.

Take a look at some of our before, during and after pictures:

multi housing renovations richfield building maintenance management

Hot tub before we started filling it in


building maintenance management richfield multi housing maintenance

Hot tub during the fill-in process


building maintenance management richfield

Another shot of the hot tub project during the fill-in process


building maintenance management richfield multi housing renovations and remodeling

Hot tub after we were done filling it in

Seasons Park Apartments is undergoing extensive renovations, and they asked Building Maintenance Management to help with this hot tub project and a few others. We installed 15 new garage doors for them too, and we have a few other projects with them potentially in the works as well.

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