Choosing the Right Building Maintenance Plan for Your Businesses

Choosing the Right Building Maintenance Plan for Your Businesses Building Maintenance Management May 7, 2021

Whether you manage an apartment complex seeing a huge surge in new leases right now or an office building seeing a changeover in tenants, it is important to choose the right building maintenance plan for you. At Building Maintenance Management, we specialize in building maintenance for St Louis Park and the surrounding areas and can help companies of any size. In our industry, there are few different types of maintenance. In this post, we’re going to cover some of the basics in order to help you choose what’s right for your unique business.

24/7 Emergency Service

Emergency Maintenance. Emergency maintenance is when something is broken and needs to be fixed right away. In some way, this aspect of your building is posing an immediate problem. We like to help complete as much preventative maintenance as possible, to reduce the amount of possible emergency situations. We have staff on call 24/7 to help, in the event of an emergency.

Renovations. With the right renovations, remodeling can keep tenants coming to your complex and staying longer. At BMM, we are the experts in apartment and office remodeling offering flooring installation, bathroom and kitchen fixture replacement, remodels, countertop installation and much more.

Planned Preventative Maintenance. A maintenance plan is something every business should have to avoid bigger issues down the line. There should be considerations taken for all the maintenance that will need to take place within a year. Once you have a maintenance plan, it is easier to schedule appointments with the appropriate people. You should have an owner’s manual associated with a lot of your building’s equipment that details a recommended maintenance schedule. If not, the equipment may have a punch tag or other way to tell needed maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance. Corrective maintenance happens when something is broken and needs fixed or replaced. Sometimes this type of maintenance can also fall under emergency maintenance, but not always. There is some equipment in your building that can still perform without all its parts functioning perfectly, and others you can just do without for a while. Discuss the priority of your project with our team of building maintenance professionals.

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