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Building Maintenance to Prolong a Building’s Life

For some aspects of building maintenance, it’s obvious why repairs need to be made. Others are just made by your building maintenance crew before you even knew it was a problem. If your business is in Bloomington, building maintenance can prolong the life of your structure. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the ways a building maintenance crew can help with the upkeep of your building.

Replacement of Worn Out Parts

An advantage of having your building regularly maintained is things are noticed right away. If there is a part not working properly anymore, it will be immediately replaced. This is good news for any mechanical equipment you have throughout your building. Any type of machinery has a failing part can be looked at right away, and the part can be replaced before it turns into an emergency situation.

Structural Maintenance

If you have someone keeping an eye on the building, they should notice anything out of the ordinary immediately. If there are any cracks or materials out of place, they can be fixed promptly. This prevents any further damage from occurring, and can be an advantage because it can prolong the life of your building. Any aging areas of your building can be replaced or refurbished, as necessary.

Overall Appearance

When you have a building maintenance crew, they can keep up with the overall appearance of your building. When paint begins to chip, windows need washed or the exterior of your building needs power washed, they can handle it. Since they catch it early, grime won’t have the chance to build up for too long, causing potential discoloration. If your walls are routinely touched up, you won’t need to do an overall paint job quite as often. Patrons of your building will definitely notice the difference of a clean building.

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Building Maintenance Before Fall

Summer is almost over. It’s hard to believe with all the warm weather we’ve been having, but temperatures will soon start to drop. You’ll want to make sure all your ducks are in a row before fall sets in. If you are looking for a Bloomington MN building maintenance company to perform inspections or make repairs, look no further. The team at Building Maintenance Management can get your building in shape for fall!

Irrigation System

It’s a good idea to have your irrigation system inspected before you shut it off in the fall. Our team can inspect and shut down your irrigation system for you. After a long, hard summer of work, your irrigation system may have taken some damage. We can inspect your lines and all your sprinkler heads. It’s important to have your irrigation properly shut down for the fall. Improper techniques can hurt your system in the long run.

Doors & Windows

To keep your energy bills low, and your building nicely heated, you’ll want to have your windows and doors inspected. If they are allowing air to escape, you are losing money. A tight seal around your windows and doors can reduce your utility bills significantly. Our team is able to visually check the seals around the doors and windows, and make recommendations as to how to best proceed.

Inspect Heating System

One thing you’ll definitely want to make sure is working is your heating system. Our building maintenance team can help in the case of an emergency, but we’d rather avoid this if possible. A thorough inspection can help ensure your comfort as it starts to get chilly outside. Your system may just need minor maintenance to get the bugs out.

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Magic Pak Cleaning Available from BMM

One of the more popular services we offer at Building Maintenance Management (BMM) is Magic Pak cleaning. You may have questions about Magic Pak cleaning, and we answer some of the more common below:

What is a Magic Pak?

Magic Park heating and cooling units are compact and operate through a wall duct. These provide apartment dwells and building occupants with comfort control options in small packages.

Why do I need to have my Magic Pak cleaned?

Your Magic Pak unit is a heating and cooling unit, and like any HVAC unit, it will work only as well as it’s serviced. You should have your Magic Pak(s) cleaned out on a regular basis, as cleaning will help to increase the unit’s air flow, thereby increasing system effectiveness and lifespan. Thorough cleaning will also help to reduce the risk of premature failure.

What all is involved in a Magic Pak cleaning?

We thoroughly clean the A/C unit’s internal coils, and comb fin tubing if necessary. We also will clean out the condensate pan and drain lines, and change out air filters. We’ll also remove nests and debris left behind by mice, birds, bees and other rodents and insects.

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Welcome to Building Maintenance Management’s New Blog!

As a locally owned and operated business in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metros, we at Building Maintenance Management (BMM) have always prided ourselves on our work, and illustrating why we’re one of the area’s top companies for cost effective property maintenance.

Because of the pride we take in our work, we’re happy to today launch our blog. It will be frequently updated with information on property maintenance. We will also use this blog to showcase projects – past and present – the Building Maintenance Management (BMM) staff has worked so very hard on.

Not familiar with Building Maintenance Management (BMM)? Please visit our home page to learn more about our company and services, or if you’re looking around at different Twin Cities property maintenance companies. We look forward to working with you!