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BMM Offers Hands-On Training for Maintenance Technicians

Building Maintenance Management is proud to offer an in-house training facility to equip up-and-coming maintenance technicians with the skills needed for the job. BMM has a mock apartment set up in a warehouse that they use for the hands-on training. New employees with little to no experience are guided through a two-week course that takes them through the basics of plumbing, electrical, carpentry and more.

The mock apartment includes a kitchen, bathroom, appliances and everything else you’d find in a typical apartment, so the trainees can get real experience repairing sheetrock, replacing light fixtures, fixing appliances and more. The instructors (BMM technicians themselves) systematically go through everything the trainee will come across when providing maintenance services for a multi-housing facility.

The training course was started more than two years ago and has been a great asset for new employees with little to no handyman experience. The course emphasizes safety throughout, so employees have a solid understanding of how to complete various tasks in a safe manner. BMM offers the course about once a quarter and usually trains two people at a time. This provides plenty of hands-on learning and personalized instruction.

Once new employees go through the two-week training, they then shadow another technician with the company for several weeks to gain more on-the-job experience. When they have a good understanding of the various maintenance tasks they will come across on the job, they can begin to work on their own. BMM always has other technicians available to help and offer advice when needed.

BMM provides commercial and multi-housing maintenance services for the Twin Cities area. Currently, we are seeking more maintenance and remodeling technicians. If you or someone you know is looking for a job, please visit our careers page for more information. If you already have maintenance or remodeling experience, that’s great; however, if you are new to the skilled trades, that’s why we have our training facility to set you up for success!

If you have questions about our training facility or professional maintenance services, please give us a call at 763-541-4886 or contact us.

Finding the Right Contractor for Your Apartment Renovation Projects

Looking for help and information about renovation services for your apartment building complex? Here at Building Maintenance Management we offer apartment renovations for the Twin Cities, providing a wide variety of services from painting to floors to kitchen remodeling and more. As you begin to map out your ideas, budget, and timeline, another important thing you should carefully consider is the contractor you will hire. There are many contractors who claim to be the best in the business, so finding the right one for your project can be quite the task. By following some key guidelines, you can minimize the chances of hiring the wrong person.

apartment renovations twin cities

First of all, consider reputation. Reputation is everything and here at BMM, we have the experience and reviews to back up our business. Renovations can be an extensive project and hiring a contractor who is inexperienced or unreliable can be a costly mistake. When you hire the professionals at Building Maintenance Management you know you are getting a team you can trust. Whether you need to make small updates in occupied units or completely overhaul an unoccupied unit, our team has the experience needed to get the job done right and on time. We are flexible to work when you need us and will complete the remodel as efficiently as possible.

It is also important to make sure your contractor has the ability to tackle all of the renovations you have planned. Apartment remodeling can take many forms. Once the scope of a renovation has been determined, the owner/operator needs to ensure that the renovations are carried out in an efficient and orderly manner. BMM can not only help with renovations but can serve as your project manger, handling everything from planning to execution. Our scope of renovations truly run the gamut, including:

  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Full renovations
  • Lighting
  • Painting
  • Flooring 
  • Wall coverings
  • Countertops
  • Backsplashes
  • Appliances
  • Hardware
  • Cabinets
  • And more

In addition to having someone who can perform the right renovations, it’s also important that they can perform them with as little disruption to business as possible. We can upgrade both occupied and unoccupied units. When thinking about updating occupied units, most tenants will be willing to put up with some minor inconvenience in order to get new flooring, cabinets or lighting. It’s important to keep residents in the loop about timing of the renovation as well as any possible disruptions. Whatever works best for your unique property, our experts can supply it!

Ready to get started? For more information about apartment renovations in the Twin Cities, give us a call at 763-541-4886 or contact us. We look forward to working with you!

Update to BMM’s After Hours Emergency Service

Building Maintenance Management is proud to offer maintenance services for many commercial buildings and multi-housing facilities around the Twin Cities area. A few years ago, we implemented a service to help in-house maintenance teams with after hours emergencies. We offered our maintenance services on an on-call basis, where we could fill in for their maintenance team if a maintenance emergency came up in the middle of the night, over the weekend or during a holiday.

This was a great service that has benefited many facilities. However, BMM is currently restructuring this program. Instead of offering after hours service for places that already have daytime maintenance staff, we will now only offer this service to clients who use BMM for their daytime maintenance needs as well.

24/7 Emergency Maintenance

Our goal when we began this program was to be an extension of current maintenance staff at commercial properties, and to ease the burden on them. Many facilities have only one or two maintenance technicians, which makes handling nights, weekends and holidays exhausting. We were the backup team so the regular maintenance staff could have time off without needing to be on-call for emergencies.

We did our best to keep this program running; however, it has come time to make a change. We will now only offer our after hours maintenance service for clients who use BMM for all their maintenance needs. If you hire BMM for your property, you can be assured of having maintenance technicians who are available 24/7/365 to handle everything your building needs from regular maintenance to emergencies.

The current after hours program will be ending December 31, 2021. Starting in 2022, BMM will continue to offer this service for our full-time clients. We feel this is the best way to use our resources and better serve the needs of our property managers.

If you have questions about our multi-housing maintenance services or would like to hire our team for your property maintenance, please give us a call at 763-541-4886 or contact us.

Workload Overload? We Can Help with Your Multi-Housing Maintenance Needs

With today’s COVID restrictions, strained workforce and increased demand for rental properties, many businesses and multi-housing properties are finding themselves falling very behind on work orders. Whether your hands are tied due to restrictions like only being able to go into apartments at certain times or if you’ve found yourself short-staffed, the professionals at Building Maintenance Management are here to help. We are the trusted name in multi housing maintenance for Bloomington and the surrounding metro area and can help you when you need it most. We understand the volatile nature of today’s building maintenance management and we are here to help lighten your load. Here’s how:

multi housing maintenance

We can help your in-house team by being that extra set of hands you need. Today, tomorrow, months from now, we can be there when work orders are flowing in. You can depend on us to help you and your maintenance team catch up.

BMM can become your full-time maintenance crew to handle tasks now and in the future.  We are also flexible to help you avoid the need to hire more workers. We can assign more people during busy times and then cut back once caught up and the workload becomes light again.

No job is too large or too tiny for our team. BMM is able to handle any type of multi-housing property maintenance service that you may be looking for. We can visit on a scheduled or as-needed basis—whatever works for you—and our squad will become your permanent maintenance team. We can also simply fill in for your maintenance team on a temporary basis if need be.

When it comes to multi-housing maintenance, we offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Kitchen renovations
  • Emergency maintenance
  • Contract maintenance
  • Deck or balcony repair
  • Bathroom updates including cabinetry, sinks, countertops and tubs
  • Concrete work
  • Hardware and accessories
  • Entryway, laundry room and common area updates
  • Magic-Pak maintenance
  • Smoke detector installation
  • And more

If your team just can’t keep up with the exceptional number of work orders during these unprecedented times, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide emergency services to the Minneapolis area, as well as routine property maintenance assistance. We want to help you get back on the right track.

Are you in need of multi-housing maintenance in the Bloomington area? Contact us today by calling 763-541-4886 or Contact us Online.

BMM is Working Hard Amid Growing Demand for Maintenance Services

The increased demand for commercial building maintenance services has put Building Maintenance Management in a unique position. On one hand, we are grateful that our services are in demand. On the other hand, we need more employees to handle the increased workload. We desire to meet the needs of all current and potential clients; however, we ask for patience as we are simply not staffed to meet those needs efficiently at this time.

Commercial Property Maintenance Twin Cities

First, if you are looking for a job or know someone who is, please let them know we are hiring! They can apply through the careers page of our website. Although maintenance experience is preferred, it is not required. We are more than willing to train someone who is ready to learn and work hard. You will get a variety of skills that you can use throughout your career and your life.

BMM is proud to offer a competitive benefits package that includes:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental PPO Plan (covered 100% for single employees)
  • Free uniforms and yearly uniform allowance
  • Paid holidays, two floating holidays and paid time off
  • Retirement plan with company match
  • Free basic life insurance
  • Free Sam’s Club or Costco membership

BMM is also proud of our training center. We have a mock apartment that we use to teach new employees many maintenance tasks. This allows our technicians to get hands-on experience to prepare them for the work they will do each day. We want each technician to have the tools and understanding they need to be proficient at their job.

For our clients, we apologize for not being able to get to your work projects as quickly as we’d like. We appreciate your confidence in BMM and our team. We ask for patience and understanding as our current crew is working hard and trying their best to get through our list of projects. We greatly appreciate your support and hope to meet your maintenance needs as best we can.

Whether your facility has a single project that needs extra hands, you need regular preventative maintenance or you want us to fill in when your in-house crew is off, BMM is willing and able to help! We hope to soon have more employees on our team so your important building maintenance tasks are not delayed.

Want to learn more about BMM’s commercial maintenance services for the Twin Cities area? Give us a call today at 763-541-4886 or contact us.