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Pool Maintenance St Paul

Pool Maintenance St PaulBuilding Maintenance Management (BMM) performs pool maintenance to ensure a healthy, clean, and safe pool at your apartment complex or property. Semi-regular pool maintenance for St Paul pools is a necessity for the all of who end up enjoying it. Pool maintenance services from BMM can involve proper chlorination of the water, even making sure that the seams between concrete slabs are caulked. To have your pool serviced by professionals—which saves you time and allows you to other things—bring in the pool maintenance pros from BMM. More than familiar with your local rules and regulations, they will do it right and will gladly take on any required repairs.

Whether your pool maintenance needs are quick or all-encompassing, the professionals at BMM will get you squared away. If you haven’t yet touched that pool but want to get it up and running by the end of the summer, the time is now.

If you have property management needs that exceed pool maintenance—full time or part time preventive maintenance, to project or on-call work—we are your one stop shop for all facilities management needs.

Here are just a few examples of the type of facilities management and building maintenance work we can do for you:

  • Caretaking
  • Concrete and deck repairs
  • Dryer vent cleaning and Magic-Pak cleaning
  • Installation of various types of equipment, like HVAC, smoke detectors and more
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • And much more!

The capabilities of BMM run the gamut; carrying out different facilities management tasks and duties for St Paul business and property owners. BMM can customize services to meet your building’s specific needs.

Pool Maintenance, Facilities Management and More

We are very accommodating to your needs, so, if you are working under a budget for pool maintenance needs, let us know. We will talk about a pool maintenance plan that fits within the terms of your budget, landing you the services you require at a fair and reasonable price. That way, you can budget for your daily, weekly or monthly pool maintenance needs. No alarms, no surprises.

We can provide you with short term help too! Temporary pool maintenance and facilities management services do not have to be for the long haul. If you have workers that are sick or on vacation, or if you are trying to assemble a permanent team, we can you land the right people.

With our 24-hour on-call desk, we are here to assist. Call us with any questions, concerns or requests you may have. Help is always just a phone call away when you work with Building Maintenance Management!

In business since 1987, Building Maintenance Management has an excellent reputation in this area for our pool maintenance and facilities management services. Call us today to find out why! We can answer your questions, give you an estimate and address any concerns you might have.

For Facilities Management and More

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