Magic Pak HVAC Cleaning Building Maintenance Management May 12, 2015

Magic Pak HVAC Cleaning in Twin Cities

Magic Pak heating and cooling units are compact machines that operate through a wall duct, providing homeowners, apartment dwellers, and building occupants with a lot of comfort control in a small package. Over time, these units build up dirt and debris, causing them to function less efficiently. That’s why you should schedule regular Magic Pak HVAC cleaning in the Twin Cities area from Building Maintenance Management!

We have been the trusted name in the industry for decades, performing routine cleaning on Magic Pak units throughout the Twin Cities area. We have the necessary know-how and experience to properly clean and repair your units, allowing them to last longer before full replacements are required – saving you and your business money.

We have extensive experience working with multi-family facilities and know the ins and outs of their HVAC units. At BMM, we offer successful cleaning following the steps that we have developed and adjusted for years to make it as efficient as possible. Our maintenance regimen can prolong the life of your building’s units as well as their efficiency.

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Magic Pak HVAC Cleaning for Twin Cities Businesses

Building Maintenance Management offers Magic Pak HVAC cleaning services for facilities that have these units installed. The air conditioning (A/C) unit undergoes a thorough cleaning of its internal coils, and the units fin tubing is combed if necessary. The condensate pan and drain lines are also cleaned, and the unit’s filters are changed. These steps help to increase the air flow of your Magic Pak system, which increases its effectiveness and lifespan.

Our process is both effective and cost-efficient, allowing your Magic Pak to work more efficiently for longer. We have all of the necessary tools and experience to ensure that your HVAC units are thoroughly cleaned and working to full capacity.

Not only does regular cleaning help prolong the life of your units, but it can also prevent overflows, water damage and odor caused by clogged up condensate pans.

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