Magic Pak Cleaning Twin Cities Building Maintenance Management April 4, 2017

Magic-Pak Cleaning Twin Cities

Throughout our decades in business, we have cleaned and repaired many Magic-Pak and HVAC systems. You could even say we are experts in Magic-Pak cleaning for the Twin Cities! With our extensive experience working with multi-family facilities, we have gained expert knowledge of working with Magic-Pak units and their components; developing a successful process for effectively cleaning and repairing them. At Building Maintenance Management (BMM), we have designed a maintenance regimen that can not only prolong the life of your building’s units, but also increase their efficiency for years to come.

This cleaning process is both effective and cost-efficient. Our method for thoroughly cleaning your A/C unit inside a Magic-Pak includes:

  • Pulling the A/C unit out of the Magic-Pak
  • Performing an in-depth, careful cleaning of the coils
  • Combining fin tubing (if necessary)
  • Cleaning the condensate pan and drain lines
  • Inserting tablets that help prevent buildup
  • Changing the filers
  • Entering information a log we keep on each unit and its condition

If you have a multi-family or commercial property, this could be a huge time-saver for you! Never worry about your buildings Magic-Pak systems again; leave it completely up to the experts at Building Maintenance Management for all of your Magic-Pak cleaning and maintenance needs.

Why Magic-Pak Cleaning

Throughout the seasons, your building’s many Magic-Pak systems can become dirty and cease to function as well as they once did. Preventative maintenance of these systems will keep your residents comfortable and eliminate most last-minute service calls for leaks or other issues caused by an unclean unit.

Magic-Pak cleaning is important for many other reasons as well, including:

  • It allows nests and debris left by pests to be removed.
  • It can increase air flow and ensure units operate properly.
  • It can eliminate overflows, water damage and odor caused by rusted, plugged-up condensate pans.

BMM has been providing contract maintenance services to multi-family and commercial properties in the Twin cities since 1987. We have helped a variety of facility types with all of their Magic-Pak cleaning needs and always with friendly, dependable service.

We have the tools and experience necessary to clean your Magic-Pak units efficiently and thoroughly. So, give us a call today and learn more about our many time-saving services!

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