Magic Pak Cleaning St Paul Building Maintenance Management February 11, 2021

Magic Pak Cleaning St Paul

Over time and throughout the seasons, your building’s Magic Pak systems can become dirty and begin to malfunction. However, preventative maintenance and cleaning of these systems can help your residents be more comfortable and save your sanity with fewer service calls for leaks and other issues. Here at Building Maintenance Management, we specialize in Magic Pak cleaning for St Paul and the surrounding areas and can provide you with the trusted, dependable service your business requires.

Over our many years as a trusted name in the industry, we have repaired and cleaned many Magic-Pak systems. With our extensive experience working with multi-family facilities, we have gained expert knowledge of working with Magic-Pak units and their components; developing a successful process for effectively cleaning and repairing them. At Building Maintenance Management (BMM), we have designed a maintenance regimen that can not only prolong the life of your building’s units, but also increase their efficiency for years to come.

So, if you have a multi-family or commercial property, give us a call for this expert, time-saving service! Never worry about Magic Pak cleaning again; leave it completely up to the experts at Building Maintenance Management (BMM).

The Magic Pak Cleaning Process

The Magic Pak cleaning service utilized by the experts at BMM is both effective and cost-efficient. Our method for thoroughly cleaning your Magic Pak includes:

  • Pulling the A/C unit out of the Magic Pak
  • Performing an in-depth, careful cleaning of the coils
  • Combining fin tubing (if necessary)
  • Cleaning the condensate pan and drain lines
  • Inserting tablets that help prevent buildup
  • Changing the filers
  • Entering information a log we keep on each unit and its condition

We have the tools and experience necessary to clean your Magic Pak units efficiently and thoroughly. Magic Pak cleaning is important for many other reasons as well, including it can eliminate overflows, water damage and odor caused by rusted, plugged-up condensate pans, it allows nests and debris left by pests to be removed and it can increase air flow and ensure units operate properly.

So, give us a call today and learn more about our many time-saving services!

Contact BMM for Magic Pak Cleaning

Are you interested in getting more information on Magic Pak cleaning in the Twin Cities? BMM has been providing contract maintenance services to multi-family and commercial properties in the Twin cities since 1987. We have helped a variety of facility types with all of their Magic Pak cleaning needs and always with friendly, dependable service. Call Building Maintenance Management at 763-541-4886, or you can Contact Us.