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Contract Maintenance Brooklyn Park

Contract Maintenance Brooklyn ParkBuilding Maintenance Management (BMM) offers contract maintenance to Brooklyn Park businesses, commercial and/or multi-housing properties and more. Running the gamut from lighting retrofits and carpentry to preventative maintenance, swimming pool maintenance, cleaning and more, BMM will maintain those contracts to a ‘T’!

The members of our contract maintenance team will, if sought, visit your property on a scheduled basis or, even provide temporary maintenance assistance if needed. Our expert team will run all property maintenance, freeing you up to pursue other relevant work-related matters such as pleasing tenants and overseeing employees.

Call us now so we can let you know all that there is to know about the contract maintenance services we provide. We will field any and all questions and address any concerns that you may have. We will get you set up on our schedule just as soon as you are ready.

BMM handles all sorts of contract maintenance for clients of many different types. See the rundown below:

  • Apartment turnovers
  • Build outs
  • Caretaking
  • Ceiling tile maintenance
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detector installations
  • Dryer Vent and Magic-Pak inspections and cleanings
  • Lighting retrofits
  • New equipment installations
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • And more!

Call us now to learn more as these are but a small representation of what we can do when you call on us for contract maintenance.

Professional Contract Maintenance

Working with BMM is not at all difficult. With our cleaning and maintenance services being offered at reasonable rates, we can make life easier for you so you can handle more important things.

We offer all clients personalized service, paying close attention to the details. You will be very pleased with our contract maintenance services because they make your life easier.

We have been in business since 1987, and we believe in taking a proactive approach to contract maintenance and building maintenance. We want our clients to know they can trust us to handle every part of their building maintenance needs. No jobs are too big or too small for us, so give us a call to learn more!

Learn More about Contract Maintenance

If you would like to learn more about contract maintenance in Brooklyn Park, call Building Maintenance Management at 763-541-4886, or you can Contact Us.